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Drew Peterson is an independent Americana singer-songwriter who has captivated fans across the Midwest for over 15 years. Since fronting the Minnesota-based group Forty Watt Bulb, Peterson has spawned two other successful Roots projects; the twangy, upbeat Dead Pigeons and bluegrass- influenced Boxstore Bird,paired with the incredibly talented multi-instrumental Mandy Fassett. 

Drew Peterson comes from a long line of musically inept Norwegian Farmers (unless you count Grandpa Pops, the town drunk,who played the harmonica and the concertina for booze/track/1056833/lenore).Peterson was not born with an amazing musical talent. Mom bought him a guitar at a church rummage sale for five dollars and it was then he decided he wanted to become a musician. Growing up on a farm in rural Minnesota, he tackled this endeavor the way he had been taught - hard work and lots of practice. And practice is what he’s been doing for 20 years. His passion has always been crafting lyrics and songwriting. 

Peterson has built a unique brand that transcends the genre. With clever, dry humor and thought-provoking lyrics, Peterson’s music is like oil over gravel. Drawing on influences from John Prine, Tom Waits, Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, among others, Peterson offers the world upbeat tunes with a soft- spoken gravitas that belies his years. 

With a performance style that can transform from intimate listening room to rowdy festivals and bars, Peterson always gives his heart and soul to the stage. And with each new performance, he works to connect with the audience through storytelling. 

Portage Brewing Grand Reopening Event

Portage Brewing Company, 107 5th St S, Walker, MN 56484

From Portage:

"It's happening friends. After almost a year of rebuilding from a fire, we're ready to reopen our doors. Join us to celebrate the Grand Reopening of Portage Brewing Company on Saturday, December 7. There will be tasty local food, live music, and of course, Portage beer. All are welcome.

DETAILS Date: Saturday, December 7, 2019 Time: 12PM - 10PM Place: Portage Brewing Company, 107 5th St S, Walker, MN 56484

THE PARTY Local Beer: Provided by Portage Brewing Company Local Food: Come hungry and enjoy local food provided by Village Square Pizza and Ice Cream Parlor and The Piggy BBQ Live Music: Drew Peterson and Mandy Fassett play at 1:00!

YOUR TRAVELS Our good friends at Chase on the Lake Resort are offering a room deal for the weekend. Go to and use Promo Code: BREW for discounted rates on a 2 night stay.

On ahead,

Portage Brewing Company"

Drew Peterson and The Dead Pigeons

Oak Center General Store, 67011 US Hwy 63, Lake City, MN 55041

Drew Peterson and The Dead Pigeons (Mandy Fassett and Daryn Christenson) are thrilled to be returning to the legendary Oak Center General Store to kick off their 2020 music season! Join them for an intimate evening of new songs and old favorites, and share a few stories and laughs in this amazing space.

Tickets are sold in advance in the store or through the mail. They are reasonably priced at $15 per seat in advance, or $18 at the door, with an option for low income (more info at