#projectsandprojectsandmoreprojects - bathroom door

One of my favorite things about Drew is that he tackles projects that he's never tackled before, and he figures it out as he goes. And if we are looking for a specific item for the house and can't find…


The man has some quirks.  

I'd like to talk about blankets today. He's obsessed with blankets. We have several down comforters, many quilts, a handful of throws, and more sleeping bags than we need. I am not allowed to…


Drew and I share a love of food. He's a great cook. On our first date, he came to my house and made sushi - some sashimi on rice along with a few amazing rolls. I was hooked. 


#VinylCollection - Cat Stevens

Artist: Cat Stevens 

Title: Teaser and the Firecat 

Drew's Faves on this album: 

The Wind 

If I Laugh



Drew introduced me to Charles Bukowski's work while we were dating. Some of it is pretty graphic, some of it unbelievably beautiful, always broken. This is my favorite poem, read by another of Drew's heroes, Tom Waits:  https://youtu.be/DhM-Dm2PHHo

One of our…

#shows-Aegir Brewing

Happy Monday!

Drew has 3 shows coming up this weekend. Friday at Aegir Brewing in Elk River, Saturday at Bemidji Brewing, and Sunday at Hell's Kitchen for the brunch show. He has had the past 2 weekends basically off, which…

I'm Lou

I decided to write because Drew and I wanted a way to chronicle our adventures together. We also wanted a way to share more about Drew with his fans, but from a perspective other than his.