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Happy Monday!

Drew has 3 shows coming up this weekend. Friday at Aegir Brewing in Elk River, Saturday at Bemidji Brewing, and Sunday at Hell's Kitchen for the brunch show. He has had the past 2 weekends basically off, which has been really nice for some family bonding time. 

Friday will be Drew's second time playing Aegir. I went to his last show there, and here's what I loved about it: 

1. It's a cozy, warm room. Some breweries are sterile and huge. Not this one. Nice wood and corrugated tin (even in the bathroom!) and just the right size. The stage is like a little window box overlooking Main Street. 

2. The story behind the place. Aegir a giant who ruled over the sea and was regarded as the BREWER TO THE GODS! How amazing is that?? More here http://www.aegirbrewco.com/our_story/ 

3. The beer! I tried 2 kinds and brought 2 growlers home. So far we have loved them all! I wish I could remember what they were called...

3. The staff. Super friendly. Tim, one of the owners, was a delight to work with when setting up the shows. He also handed out candy to my kids at the downtown Elk River trick or treating event in October and was the first person to pour me a beer at Aegir!


See you Friday! SKÅL!


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