The man has some quirks.  

I'd like to talk about blankets today. He's obsessed with blankets. We have several down comforters, many quilts, a handful of throws, and more sleeping bags than we need. I am not allowed to get rid of any of them, even if they are falling apart. Many are being stored, "just in case." This is okay with me, as we live in Minnesota, on a lake, and I love to curl up with a blanket around the house. My mom, who sews and is amazing, has mended quite a few for us over the years.   

Drew's favorite blanket is a quilt my mom made for us as an engagement present. The fabric is a collection of childhood memories for me. Some pieces are remnants of outfits my mom made for me or one of my sisters, others are old fabric samples from my Papa's salesman days. It was such a special gift and I love it even more because of how it has become Drew's grown up security blanket and something that makes him feel less homesick when he's out on the road.  

Snuggle up, 


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